Monday, December 1, 2014

2016 CFTU China TEFL, ESL, & AP School & Job Recruiter White & Blacklist...

Attention all TEFL, ESL, & AP foreign teacher professionals... do not send nor upload your resume to anyone related to a China job until you have a chance to read the three links below or you have a 25% chance that you will become a victim of identity theft or a 50% of getting cheated by an unlicensed China job recruiter or school.  As of right now there are over 650 scammers hoping you do not find this post!

To avoid the identity thieves read this:

To check out any China job agent or recruiter for free within 15 minutes, read:

To see if your new school or recruiter is blacklisted, read:

For your free copy of our China White List of over 1,000 honest and reputable schools, kindergartens, universities, and learnings centers in China, just send an email to: whitelist[at]

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