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China Foreign Teachers Have 15 Employee Rights That Bans Abuse & Exploitation By Employers & Recruiters. Do YOU know your rights?

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We first wrote about this issue back in 2014 but apparently some hackers were hired to corrupt and redirect our links since most employers and recruiters do not want you to have this information. So please save this link here and be sure you know all of your employee rights guaranteed by the Chinese Ministry of Labor - including your most recent protections granted by China's Privacy Act which prohibits the use of your personal image in any promotional publications on printed materials and on the Internet without your express written consent.

Here are your basic 15 rights extrapolated from 367 pages of China Labor Law and the most recent amendments:
1. You have the right to seek and obtain employment if legally allowed to do so after obtaining a work visa (Z visa) and resident permit.
2. You have the right to work in a safe work environment.
3. You have a right to be provided a written work schedule in advance.
4. You have a right speak with management about safety concerns
5. You have a right to sick, holiday, and maternity leave & pay
6. You have a right to resign your position in accordance with the law
7. You have a right to request job training
8. You have a right to pay your taxes to the government authorities and to file a grievance with the Labor Arbitration Authority in your Province
9. You have the right to be compensated for overtime hours worked and may not be compelled to work said hours if not stipulated in your employment agreement.
10. You have the right to receive an original hard copy of your contract that is signed and chopped (red sealed) at the time you sign an employee agreement.
11. You have the right to receive a written job description prior to signing your
12. You cannot be compelled nor forced to do anything not specified in your job description.
13. Your probationary period cannot exceed one month for each year of your employment contract.
14. You have the right to receive both an invitation letter and release letter free of charge.
15. If hired by a duly authorized employer you have a right to be provided a work visa (Z Visa) prior to the commencement of your assigned duties. 


* Unpaid Overtime
* Being Used As A Marketing Monkey
* Having your personal image used in promotions
* Having your personal information disclosed to third parties
* Not getting a copy of your original chopped contract in English
* Not knowing the ownership identification of your employer
* Not knowing the SAIC business license No.of your employer
* Not being provided a written job description
* Being told to lie to customers about your citizenship or credentials
* Being given illegal probationary periods exceeding 30 days
* Being forced to sign illegal contracts
* Not given 72 hours advance notice of work schedule changes
* Not provided the proper Z work visa required by law
* Being forced to pay money for your release letter or Z visa
* Not being provided medical insurance as a full-time employee
* Not being paid within 48 working hours of a regular payday
* Illegal deductions and "deposits" withheld from your pay
* The right to see your employment tax records and receipts
But as a China foreign teacher you also have responsibilities to be:
1) Legally qualified to teach in China
2) Punctual and prepared for your classes
3) Always sober and professional in appearance
4) Friendly, polite, and respectful with parents, staff, and students
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  1. Hello everyone, I recently got an offer to work in a school called. .Longyou Dandang Education in Longyou, Quzhou Zhejiang Province. .However, the school doesn't have a website (I guess it's not uncommon in China) and my contacts have been with the Owner of the school and two of the English teachers. .Still before stepping out ofmy country , I want to find out more about the school - its standings and reviews. .I have no one,other than the school contacts, to ask. .can anyone on here please help me ask around? Is it a genuine school? Is it blacklisted? Anything. .
    Will welcome any contribution,thanks.

  2. Help Please!
    Hi, I sent my passport to a malicious recruiter, what should I do? Where do I report him?

  3. Hello everybody, I got a job offer from a school of Beijing (Teach In China) with good salary package. Should I join or not?