Monday, June 10, 2013

Web English of China Accused Of Extortion Scam By Foreign Expat Teachers... Again!

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This growing chain has had growing problems in recent months and a new allegation of extortion was made by some teachers recently.  You can read the details here:

Keep in mnd that Web English has many locations and most of them are not blacklisted.  To find all the blacklisted ESL, TEFL, and English Schools in China, please visit:

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  1. I was a teacher at the Mianyang Foreign Languages School in Mianyang China. I was discharged after 30 days. I received no salary, severance, or travel reimbursement.

    Do you support not paying discharged foreign teachers at British Columbia Ministry of Education certified schools?

  2. No we do not. Please relate all the circumstances in a private email including the reasons for your discharge and a copy of your contract and we will look the matter