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2016 China Foreign Teachers Union Fact Book On China - Everything You Need To Know About Working In China

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Whether you are coming to china to teach or to work in another profession, the CFTU wants to welcome you and arm you with all the knowledge you need to safely enjoy your China adventure.  We have compiled a 2014 China Fact Book with all you need to know about Visas, Contracts, China Labor Laws, Housing, Internships, Home Stays, Salary Charts By Profession, Cost of Living, Banking, Medical Services, etc. 

Below is a sampling of what you will find in our fact book which you can get for free simply by requesting it. Just send an email to


The total population of China has reached 1.45 million. Of this, the economically active population was 785.79 million at the end of 2011. At that time, China’s workforce hit 764.2 million people, with 359.14 million employed in urban and 405 million in rural China. The number of migrant workers stood at 252.78 million, with an increase of 10.55 million from 2010. Among the migrant laborers, about 158.63 million worked outside of their home province. Regarding the sectors, primary industry accounted for 34.8 percent of total employment, while secondary industry represented 29.5 percent, and tertiary industry had a share of 35.7 percent. The unemployment rate in urban China stood at 4.1 percent, and the number of unemployed persons reached 9.2 million. Employment forecasts by the Ministry of Labor project annual growth to average 3.2% per annum over through 2015. Approximately 1.6 million foreigners are employed in China. Of those, foreigners teachers account for 82% with average salaries of 16,500 yuan per month. Average salaries for professional foreigners is 52,000 yuan per month. Currently, expat foreign teachers are the lowest paid foreigners in China.

The above information was obtained from China's Ministry of Labor. The below chart was compiled by independent CFTU research conducted by our volunteer staff over the last six months based on random surveys of 500 ESL teachers working abroad in the countries researched. This may explain why fewer teachers are coming to China. CFTU members can obtain a copy of the complete report by sending an email to Here are some more cool stats...

*  85% of all toys in the world are made in China. 
*  1 in every 5 people on Earth are Chinese!
*  Over 600,000 foreigners now live and work in China.
*  There are over 80,000 tourists arriving in China every day 
*  China bought $2 Trillion USD of America's debt in 2008.
*  China saved the U.S. economy from bankruptcy in 2008
*  30% of all the world's new jobs are now created by China.
*  There are 39 million more men than women in China.
*  50,000 cigarettes are smoked every second in China.
*  The world's biggest dam and bridge are in China.
*  China's bullet train is twice as fast as America's fastest train (302 mph)
*  Chinese people have sex twice as often as most Americans.
*  25% of all gamblers in Las Vegas are now Chinese.
*  The world's largest shopping mall is in China.
*  China graduates more university students than America and Canada combined.
*  40% of all luxury cars and good are now purchased in China.
*  China has the world's fastest growing economy.
*  Chinese students have the highest test scores in the world.
*  A 10 mile taxi fare is roughly $2
*  China's Gobi desert is larger than Peru!
*  300 babies are born every minute in China.
*  Almost 800 new cars are sold every hour in China
*  China has 64 million vacant homes.
*  There are more Christians in China than in Italy!
*  Paper, pizza, noodles, and the compass were invented in China,
*  China has the second lowest crime rate in the world.
*  China is the oldest society & culture in the world.
*  China's Great Wall can be seen from space.
*  China executes more criminals than all other nations combined.
*  China has the largest library in the world - bigger than Yankee Stadium.
*  China manufactures 73% of the world's consumer goods.
*  20% of the Chinese population speaks English!
*  22% of Chinese people have traveled abroad at least once.
*  There are 40 ethnic groups living in China.
*  The Chinese alphabet has over 3,000 characters.
*  There are more KFCs in China than America!
*  The average Chinese visits a movie theater twice monthly.
*  There are 385 televisions channels in China.
*  China has 679 5 star hotels - Over 8,954 in all.
*  Foreigners earn an average of $52,000 per annum in China.
*  The cost of living in China is one-fourth of America.
*  A steak dinner in China is about $8.
*  86% of all fake products originate in China.
*  Most Chinese girls marry by age 27.
*  Chongqing is the fastest growing city in China.
*  China has nude beaches.
*  There are more sex shops in China than America! 
*  There are 23,476 schools and 968 universities in China.
*  28% of all foreigners in China, married a Chinese partner!
*  Most Chinese lose the virginity by age 21    
* Over the last decade the China economy grew faster than Japan's & America's combined.

Also if you are looking for work in China, and you have a 4 year degree and can speak fluent English, be advised  the CFTU is looking to hire full and part time administrative staffers, presenters and trainers to assist new teacher arrivals in China. We can help you arrange housing and sponsor your Z Visa.  Send your resume and current photo with your brief one page cover letter in strict confidence to

The below city in Harbin is made completely of ice!
China's longest bridge is 26 miles - the longest in the world!

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