Thursday, January 30, 2014

China Foreign Teachers Union Wishes All A Happy, Fun, & Healthy New Year In 2014

Our staff reaches out to all those brave and adventurous expats who came to China to help improve the teaching methods, standards, and quality of China's educational programs.  With your help and very significant governmental reforms, China is abandoning their traditional "rote memory" way of learning in favor of creative  and  proactive dialogue with students.  Your role in this gradual transformation will reap great rewards for China's next generation of students.

Please continue in you conscientious, sincere, diligence - it is paying off.  We thank you for another year of your loyal support and urge you to stay current with news that affects your pay, rights, and welfare in china by visiting our two web sites at:

We wish you and yours a wonderful new year and a fun adventure in China. Please spread your goodwill and remember to be a gracious and respectful guest in China.

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