Monday, March 7, 2016

How much money do foreign ESL & TEFL teachers in China really earn?

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The most popular answer is "Not Enough" but the correct answer depends on you, your qualifications and your gullibility!  Here is the short answer... If you are a native English speaker from America, Canada, Australia, and the UK AND you find your own gig without using one of the many fake low-ball ads you find at one of the fake 4 expat job sites, you will earn an average of $40,000 a year. If however you rely on an unlicensed agent to find you work or you respond to one of those ridiculous ads, you will get snookered and have yourself a salary of $15,000 to $25,000 per annum.
So to avoid being taken to the cleaners you need to educate yourself at these links and then be sure you get what you want and deserve - a fair compensation package that must include a Z visa, housing, (or a 3,000 yuan monthly housing allowance) and medical insurance. Start reading...
Then make sure whatever school you are interested in provides you a Z visa BEFORE you land in China and are on our white list, or rather NOT on our blacklist (See links at top of this post)  Avoid agents if at all possible and you will earn more. If you must use an agent, then be sure to read this here:

Generally speaking you will earn more money working at a kindergarten and international schools and less money working for private schools - but not always.  If you want some more detailed advice and recommendations, send an email to currentjobs[at]

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