Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Best Paying Jobs in China for Foreigners - Top 100 List Rated By Expats including ESL & TEFL Teaching Employers Directory

Where are the best paying China  jobs for 
foreigners and how to find them for free?

Well, first off you will NOT find them here:


What you WILL find at the above sites are a variety of scams and identity thieves and resume brokers who will sell your resume to hundreds of fly by night virtual employers looking for cheap teachers or telesales people. The calls and emails become endless and you will end up changing your phone number.  

The fact is that the best jobs in China are NOT advertised at all - anywhere.  You will not find them from outside China.  You must be here to meet and impress people with your skills, charm, and abilities. Perhaps a veteran expat will take you under his/her wing and introduce you in the small professional circles of expats. For now, we can only tell you where NOT to work and why based on 12 years of work and living experience in China. Start here and work backwards: 

Good luck to you, and share this link with others if it helps you stay out of problems in China.  Btw... BEFORE sending your resume or passport scan to anyone in China, be sure you read this first http://chinascamwatch.wordpress.com

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  1. Now-a-days China is recruiting more foreign teachers which became one of good opportunity for job seekers those who are looking for teaching job (Teach In China).